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Tomas Artesanal Mezcal

2022 Special Edition Raicilla

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2022 special edition release – RAICILLA.

What makes our 2022 special release so exceptional? It is three years in the making. Only 240 bottles exist, and it is truly and totally handmade. Our Raicilla was produced in 2019 in the mountains of Western Jalisco. We followed the traditional method of ‘mellowing’ the spirit by resting it in glass for over two years. Then, as a final step to add character, kick, and complexity, we spiked our Raicilla with high ABV Puntas. Puntas refer to first part (cut) of the second distillation and are considered purest form of mezcal.

Our Raicilla is made with agave Maximiliana and is produced for us by Gerardo Peña. Don Gerarado does everything by hand, from planting and harvesting the agave Maximiliana, roasting the agave in a wood fired adobe oven of his own unique design, mashing and fermenting the agave, and distilling the spirit in stills that he designed and built himself. We honor his spirit by bottling and labeling our Raicilla by hand as well.

Enjoy this special release neat, first savoring the aroma and then sipping the herbal qualities and earth notes. This special combination of resting for two years and spiking with Puntas will not be repeated by us. So, savor and enjoy this special and unique spirit.

Product Details
Proof: 45.5% ABV
Mastro Raicillero: Gerardo Peña
Region: Sierra Occidental, Jalisco
Agave: 100% Agave Maximiliana
Oven: Adobe
Distillation: Twice, Alambique De Acrero Inox (Stainless Steel)
Class: Joven, Rested for two years in glass

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